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Our main goal in this community is to allow members to post about ANYTHING to do with Star Trek that is fanmade. That includes fanfic, fanart, graphics, fanvids, knitting projects, Star Trek cakes, anything you'd like that you yourself made! Below are some of our comm rules:

1. Everything posted must either belong to you, or you must have received permission from the creator (besides Gene, obviously). Plagiarism will not be tolerated here. Give everyone credit where it's do [: It's only the polite thing to do!

2. Speaking of politeness, do be nice to others. There's nothing wrong with respectfully disagreeing with something, but the internets is not srsbsn. If there is wank, it will probably be deleted and those involved will be warned. If it happens again, they will be banned from the comm. And this comm is way too much fun to be banned from.

3. Anything fanmade goes! If you drew a little doodle of Captain Kirk pushing a cake up a hill in the middle of your math class, post it, so everyone can see it and squee all over the place.

4. Let's talk about cuts. They are your best friend here. We really don't want to kill everyone's flists with the longest row of fanart LJ has ever seen, so we'll be using plenty of cuts here. There are some rules for cuts, however.

i. Pics before the cut: No picture before the cut can be longer than 500 pixels, or wider than 500 pixels. If you need help resizing it, photobucket has an easy-to-use editing tool.

ii. Only one video before a cut, please.

5. Before posting, please preview your post to check for any mistakes. And watch your cuts. Double-check to make sure it's all lined up how it's supposed to be [:

6. There is a specific way we would like you to post icons. Please post only three preview icons. If you are linking them to your journal, great :3 ! If you're posting them directly onto the comm, please use a cut if they are more than three. This also goes for banners. Please use only one banner as a preview, and if it is bigger than 500x500, then downsize it. If you're only posting three icons or one banner, then obviously a preview is pretty unnecessary.

7. There is also a specific form we would like you to use regarding fics.

Rating: (please include a reason for your chosen rating)
Any other Comment: (This can be omitted if there is no other comment, but if there is, then obviously put it here)

8. USE TAGS. They make life so much easier when hunting for specifics. If you need a tag made, let one of us know! Tags can be helpful for everything you post, including characters in fanart or fanfic, or a specific kind of icon, or...you know, whatever [:

9. There will be three types of special posts posted here on Fandemonium :3

i. Discussion Posts -- These will be posted on Mondays. Basically, these are fun posts where everyone just sort of talks about a specific character or situation. The mods may ask a few questions regarding the topic just to get the ball rolling. Please refer to Rule 2 for these posts, lol.

ii. Graphic Request Posts -- These will be posted on Wednesdays. Do you need a graphic, icon, or banner? Or anything like that? Post a request, and you may get someone interested in helping you out :3

iii. Fic Request Friday -- Obviously, these will be posted on Fridays. These will be similar to the kink meme, but on a much smaller scale. Any sort of fic req goes on these, but if they are too graphic in nature, the kink meme might be your best bet. This is a regular Fic Req thread, with nothing specific [:

10. Finally, have some freaking fun. We're not here to be boring. We're here to share our creations with people who will hopefully appreciate it, and get inspired by everyone around us. So do that [: !

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